I have been involved in dance for most of my life. I became passionate about it around the age of 13 and haven’t stopped since. My training included Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Modern dance. My high school years were busy with Drill Team, president of Dance Company, as well as training, teaching and assisting at a private studio. During this time, I competed locally and nationally and received many top awards and scholarships. After High School I moved to Los Angeles to train at the top studios including The Edge and Tremaine. In August 2000 I became a mother and my life was forever changed by the opportunity to raise 2 amazing sons (now 18 and 15). After teaching at several different studios, I found my home at the Treehouse in 2003 with Bonnie Story which later transitioned to Jazz Dancer Studio. I have taught Jazz, ballet, tap, tumbling/acro for over 25 years. I love working with dancers of every age and I continue to learn more about life and teaching through watching them progress.