Our Jazz/Ballet Combo classes are available for dancers aged 5-7 and 8-up. These classes are one hour each week and are the perfect class for beginning dancers. These classes rotate each week between ballet and jazz. Dancers learn the beginning foundations of both Jazz and Ballet technique as well as learning creative movement through music. Our Jazz/Ballet classes perform in both our Christmas Concert and our Spring Concert.

Layton Schedule


CLASS                               DAY                          TIME

Jazz 1 (5-8 yr old)                    Monday                        5:00-5:45 pm

Jazz 1 (5-8 yr old)                    Tuesday                       4:45-5:30 pm           

Jazz 2 (8-11 yr old)                  Tuesday                       6:15-7:00 pm



Draper Schedule


CLASS                               DAY                  TIME

Jazz/Ballet 1 (5-8 yr old)       Tuesday               5:00-5:45 pm

Jazz/Ballet 2 (6-9 yr old)       Tuesday              6:00-7:00 pm

Jazz/Ballet 3 (8-11 yr old)     Thursday               5:30-6:30 pm