Hollywood Connection Results

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Velocity Results

What an amazing weekend! We are so proud of each and everyone of our Dancers!!! They have worked so hard and it showed this weekend!!! Way to represent JDS!!!

Jumanji- Platinum 1st place OVERALL JR PRODUCTION Storm- High Gold 3rd Overall Teen Line Contagion- High Gold

Turbulence- Platinum 1st Overall JR HIP HOP Social Media- Platinum 1st Overall Teen Musical Theater Show Me Love- Platinum Teen 1st Overall Lyrical sHIFT- Platinum

Jack- Platinum No Roots- High Gold 3rd Overall Teen Jazz Smoke & Mirrors- High Gold- Raging Fire- High Gold

Another World- Platinum 1st Overall JR Contemporary Ruby Blue- High Gold The Dance- High Gold Ain't Your Momma- High Gold 1st Overall Mini Character


Mini Overall Small Group 6th-Ain't Your Momma

JR Overall Small Group 6th- Another World

Teen Overall Small Group

9th -Social Media

8th -Jack

7th -Show Me Love

5th -sHIFT

JR Overall Large Group- Turbulence

JR Overall Production- Jumanji

Teen Overall Line 4th- Storm